Bishop Monkton – 24th May 2011

Ever improving conditions greeted the ten riders this evening at our usual meeting point.  We also welcomed a new rider, Chris on his retro steel framed bike.  Welcome to Chris and Martin P…..looks like you might have some competition on the retro front!!!  A fairly steady route was decided on that would enable us to hopefully return to Harrogate in the light winds that were promised.

We set off towards Bilton and over the bridge at Knox Mill, before heading out towards Hampsthwaite.  It was then up the familiar climb to Burnt Yates.  This climb never gets any easier, it just seems to get faster.  It was then over the crossroads before descending in to Shaw Mills, before every put in a max effort to get up the short and sharp climb to Cut Throat Lane.  After these initial hills it was nice to have the wind on our tails for a good stretch down into Markington and then onto Bishop Monkton.  In Bishop Monkton Nick and Malcolm started to warble on about their weekend’s exploits in the Acorn Ride, when they and Mike “The Shredder” Worden hammered around the 60 mile route in 2hrs 46mins!!  It was a charity ride lads!!

Anyway, we then made down the lane towards Roecliffe, before taking the private road towards Copgrove.  Having negotiated the pothole strewn lane, we then headed back towards Harrogate through Farnham and Knaresborough, before the inevitable sprint race up Knaresborough Hill, where new boy Chris kicked everyone’s butt.  On our return to Harrogate we finally had the chance to sit outside a pub (The Empress) and have a recovery pint of Guinness.  Alex decided to then bore us with his knowledge of latin, by challenging our meaning of the club motto, but he was shouted down pretty quickly.

It was a very nice early summer ride, with 27 good miles in the legs.

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About Cappuccino Cycling Club

The Cappuccino Cycling Club is a group of friends from Harrogate who enjoy cycling in a relaxed way, that normally entails stopping for a coffee somewhere along the way. Ride distances are from 25miles upwards with some members taking part in local sportive events in the Yorkshire area.
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