Club Code of Conduct and Riding Rules

As we have multiple groups on the road during our club runs, we want to ensure the safety of our members at all times , whilst also showing consideration to other road users.  We have therefore developed a club riding rule book and code of conduct that we expect all our members to abide by when riding as part of the club or taking part in club events or trips.

Club Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of the Cappuccino Cycling Club is to promote road cycling to its members in an enjoyable, safe and sociable environment.

When wearing club kit or other items bearing the name of the Club, members are an ambassador or representative of the Club; as such your behaviour should be appropriate and considerate to those around you.

As part of being a member of the Cappuccino Cycling Club all members understand that rides led by the Cycling Club are taken at their own risk and they are responsible for their own safety in every situation, and for ensuring that both their bike and themselves are up to riding with the Club.

Club rides and events are for the enjoyment of all those participating, however anti-social behaviour that affects the enjoyment of others during a Club ride, trip or event cannot be tolerated by the Club and such incidents will be dealt with by the Club Officers.  Many members have gone to considerable effort and expense to participate in club activities, whether at home or abroad and they have a right to enjoy a Club activity without experiencing anti-social behaviour.

When taking part in Club group meals consideration should be made to all those individuals present at the meal when ordering food or wine if the intention is to split the bill evenly.  If you do want to order more expensive items, then ensure you pay for it yourself, unless agreement has been reached with all those in attendance.

Club Riding Rules

  1. Enjoy your cycling at all times.
  2. Wear your club jersey with pride.
  3. Helmets are compulsory.
  4. Good front and rear lights are compulsory for evening rides.
  5. If you know what it is…you will know where to find it and when to use it.
  6. All riders should carry a pump/sufficient tools/spare tubes etc. to ensure they can continue riding in the event of a mechanical failure.
  7. Weekend Club rides will arrive back into Harrogate no later than 1pm unless agreed with all riders taking part. Should riders wish to ride for longer, then they can split off at the mid-ride coffee stop.
  8. Mid-week evening Club rides will normally be finished back in Harrogate by 9.30pm.
  9. Ride no more than two abreast, and single out when appropriate to let traffic past.
  10. Groups should be no more than 10 riders in size, but ideally 8. Any more than 10, then the group is too big and should be split.
  11. Keep together in one group unless agreed otherwise at the start of the ride or when leaving the coffee stop.
  12. If you do leave a group ride on your own for whatever reason, please ensure that riders in the group you have left are made aware that you have returned home safely (quick note on the Facebook page works well).
  13. Make sure you use hand signals for notifying other riders of road hazards, such as potholes, parked cars etc.
  14. Do not allow other riders in the group to be dropped off the back, make sure the pace is kept at a level that all can cope with.
  15. Do not blast off the front of the group unless you have been given permission by other group members.
  16. Regroup as quickly as possible at the top of hills, or if you feel inclined and are a strong enough rider, go back down the hill and provide a bit of support to those that are not as quick.
  17. If you are struggling to keep up, then shout up! The group needs to know, so the pace can be slowed.
  18. Stronger riders should show consideration to weaker riders.
  19. If you are approaching a junction and are unsure which way to go, wait to ensure that all group members are present before making the turn (this shouldn’t be an issue if we are all riding in a group).
  20. Do not clear your nasal air passages until the coast is clear behind you.
  21. We are a road cycling club, which means we ride on the roads and not on pavements.
  22. Adhere to the Highway Code and show respect for other road users at all times.