Club Ride Resumption – 5th September

After consultation among club officers, we are pleased to announce that we are going to resume club rides as planned from this weekend, 5th/6th September for those that feel comfortable doing so. To help with the resumption of club rides we have spoken with HSFC to make them aware of our plans and have agreed with them how we can use the space they have for meeting safely, whilst showing consideration for their own members.

As previously communicated, club rides will adopt a different format as follows:

  • Rides will commence from HSFC, but please when you arrive at HSFC, make sure you observe social distancing guidelines and quickly form up into groups in the allocated areas shown on the map attached.
  • Steadies to meet outside Yorkshire Cancer, Mediums in corner by paddle tennis, Fasts by the gate into the showground.
  • DO NOT GO INTO HSFC and stay well away from the entrance area.
  • Weekend rides will start at 8.30am and be the same as our winter ride format – ie approx. 45 miles with NO CAFÉ STOP, so make sure you have sufficient drink/food for the ride.
  • Mid-week evening rides will start at 7.30pm as normal.
  • Ride/Routes will not be posted on the Facebook page in advance. It is up to each individual group to set their own route for the ride, appoint a ride leader and ensure everyone is familiar with the planned route.
  • Once a group has formed, please set off on your ride without delay, but avoid being too close to another group – hold back for a few minutes if necessary.
  • We do not suggest that members form their own club ‘bubbles’ as this would exclude people. If members only want to ride with a limited number of friends, we respectfully ask they arrange this themselves and meet elsewhere.
  • Please carry a face mask and hand sanitiser in case you need to carry out first aid or share equipment for repairs.
  • If anyone develops CV19 symptoms or tests positive, please ensure you follow Government guidance. It is down to the individual to contact anyone they have ridden with, but please also advise the club asap. The club is not responsible for track and trace.
  • Whilst the club cannot tell members what to do post ride, we would like to remind all members that current Government guidelines state that only 6 households can socialise in an outdoor setting, and only 2 in an indoor setting, whilst observing 1m+ social distancing.
  • We are all proud to be members of the club, but for the time being we encourage riders not to wear club kit.

As a club, we fully appreciate that the transition from lockdown and having to abide by these guidelines can be challenging. We do, however, want to ensure the continued safety of all our members, along with maintaining the reputation of the club.

Your help in adhering to this new format of club rides will be greatly appreciated and we can assure you that as Government and British Cycling guidelines are adjusted, then we will do the same when we feel appropriate.

Can we ask all members to ensure they are familiar with the current British Cycling guidance and also the Government guidance on meeting people outside of your own household.

Government guidance:

British Cycling guidance: